Knowledge transfer to the lake St. Charles’ stakeholders

On November 23rd, we held a final virtual meeting with 26 stakeholders from the lake St. Charles case in Quebec province, Canada, hence bringing a close to our participatory process. We presented the final report from this participatory process, carried out with around 30 stakeholders in total, describing the interview and workshops methods, the main results as well as our analysis and recommendations for decision-makers. Our six main recommendations for decision makers go as follows:

1- Recognize the limits of the actual gouvernance structure;

2- Determine a governing entity with the necessary attributes to put forward networked governance and integrated watershed management;

3- Aim for effective citizen participation;

4- Establish horizontal communication networks;

5- Create a feedback system in the governance structure allowing for learning to happen;

6- Create a foresight system to explore alternative uncertain futures.

The final report, written in French, was sent to all participants and attendees who were invited to share it further within their respective networks. Rapport final – LimnoScenES