Working group meetings at the Dümmer lake - 2nd round

Working group meetings at the Dümmer lake – 2nd round

In September 2022, the next two working group meetings after the summer break at the lake Dümmer happend.

On September 14th we held the first working group meeting for the financial group. The meeting happend online and the stakeholders discussed about several funding opportunities to finance the LimnoScenES projects further actions in the form of an online platform, conducted by a Dümmer coordinator. The stakeholders agreed that an online platform to exchange is necessary to stay in contact with other stakeholders around the lake and to constantly transfer informations between eachother. The new platform could be connected with the already existing Dümmer-Forum. The Dümmer-Forum is a get-together where all stakeholders around the Dümmer discuss important topics. Actually, the Dümmer-Forum takes place two times per year, but since Covid no meeting took place. However, without the exchange to other stakeholders at the Dümmer-Forum, the participants do not want to start applying for any fundling opportunities. Also, a new online platform is the topic of another LimnoScenES working group at the Dümmer.

First results of the financial group are, to connect with the Landkreis Diepholz and the Samtgemeinde Altes Amt Lemförde. Furthermore, it is importat to clearify what ammount of momeny is needed to finance an online platform and what structures are needed to provide such a platform. For this questions, an exchange with the Dümmer-Beirat, which is leading the Dümmer-Forum, is highly needed and welcomed by the LimnoScenES Dümmer stakeholders.

Results of the online meeting from the financial working group.

On September 22nd 2022 the working group transformation concept met for the second time. The group met at the Dümmerperle, a restaurant in Hüde close to the Dümmer-lake. During the meeting the stakeholders continued working on the policy brief. The policy brief has five pages by now and the stakeholders agreed on several requirements and wishes for the main four topics water management, agricultural, nature protection and tourism. Furthermore, ecological and social problems around the Dümmer-lake were noted down to the policy brief. The working group will meet again in mid-October to finish the policy brief. In addition to this, the stakeholders have to decide to whom they will send to policy brief and where they want to publish it. The aim is to connect with the new leaders of lower saxony after the upcoming state selection of lower saxony. In the upcoming blog post we will present the final policy brief.

Participants of the 2nd work meeting transformation concept group. On the picture from left to right: Pia Müller (LimnoScenES Team) Heike Hannker (FDP and tourism association Dümmer e.V.), Ingrid Vörckel (water managemant Unterhaltungsverband Nr. 70
“Obere Hunte”
), Melanie Hartwich (aquatic ecologist at the NLWKN) and Frank Apfelstedt (ecological station Naturschutzring Dümmer e.V.)