public event: Brockumer Großmarkt

public event: Brockumer Großmarkt

With the newly printed and presented policy Brief “Handlungsempfehlung zur Transformation der Dümmer-Region“, we went public at a local fair.

At the fair Brockumer Großmarkt we presented the LimnoScenES project with the case study Dümmer in an exhibition tent for tourism and the region. For our presentation we used our posters showing the result from our workshops. With a letter box we motivated guests to write comments over the Dümmer-lake as well as the problems they see around the lake region.

Our letter box for comments at the fair Brockumer Großmarkt.

With some guests, who were very interessted into our project and their home-region, we talked a long time about the water level, quality and renaturations projects along the river Hunte, the local agriculture and problems that land use can bring, biodiversity loss as well as missing touristic infrastructure. The most called topic were missing or not well enough planned bicycle trails. Another topic was the already planned but not build yet Schildpolder.

The results from our letter box.

The different results placed in our letter box show the cross-topic structure of the problems at the lake and will be communicated with the stakeholders from our project at the last workshop in November. For our last workshop of this project at the Dümmer-lake, also members of the lower-saxony parlament are invited. We hope to create a dialog between the actors at the lake and the politicians to communicate the Dümmer-lake vision 2050 and needed steps towards this vision.

The Dümmer-lake vision 2050 presentd the results of the first workshop in 2019.