LimnoScenES goes Dümmer-Beirat

LimnoScenES goes Dümmer-Beirat

After the LimnoScenES project started in early 2019, it was presented at the Dümmer-Forum in June 2019. Now, after we had five workshops and a number of working group meetings, we presented the results of three years LimnoScenES project at the Dümmer-lake at the Dümmer-Beirat at the 24th November in 2022.

The Dümmer-Beirat is coordinated by a care-taker, the Dümmer-Koordinator. He brings different state actors together to discuss the water quality of the lake and what the different actors do to achieve an ecolological sustainable water quality. The Dümmer-Beirat operates according to the Dümmersanierungsplan.

Finally, we had the opportunity to present our project and results at the Dümmer-Beirat. Besides that, almost all organisational members of the Dümmer-Beirat had a representative at one or another LimnoScenES workshop. So, the project was not new to the Dümmer-Beirat members. In conclusion, the Dümmer coordinator is willing to take the LimnoScenES stakeholders wishes of preparing a better and constantly flow of informations, maybe not with the help of a digital platform but maybe using already existing instruments like the Dümmer-Museum. Also, the Dümmer-Forum will come back, probably in April 2023 for the first time after the start of the pandemic, which was very important for the LimnoScenES stakeholders. The forum is the mouthpiece of the Beirat and normally presents two times a year the status quo of the lakes water quality and of some projects, like the plan of building a Schilfpolder.

The project results go from a collectively future vision, supported with milestones to a transition concept and even present a policy brief, designed by stakeholders from the lake region out of water management, agriculture, nature conservation and tourism. The most important factor for a shared and sustainable future is communication. And with the Dümmer-Forum coming back to life, the first steps are made to achieve a sustainable future.

(c) Dümmer-Beirat, ArL Leine-Weser